Nutri-Grain IronMan / IronWoman Series

Rounds 1, 2 & 3

The opening rounds of the 20/21 Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series, held at North Bondi Beach.

Watch each round live on Channel 9Go! and Sky Sport NZ.

Nutri-Grain Series Round 1

Watch live on Channel 9Go! from 12pm AEDT, and Sky Sport NZ from 2pm NZDT.




12-2pm AEDT on Channel 9Go!
2-4pm NZDT on Sky Sport NZ


Nutri-Grain Series
Round 1



Endurosurf is a 40-minute Iron race over an M-Shaped or traditional course. Each of the disciplines of swim, board, ski will be completed twice with competitors taking on the surf break again and again.

Order: Swim, Board, Ski (x 2 or 3)

Nutri-Grain Series Round 2

Watch live on Channel 9Go! from 11am AEDT, on Sky Sport NZ from 1pm NZDT.




11am-2pm AEDT on Channel 9Go!
1-4pm NZDT on Sky Sport NZ


Nutri-Grain Series
Round 2



In the spirit of such races as Boardercross, Skicross and BMX racing a decision has been made to introduce an exciting new sprint format – WaveCross. All WaveCross races will be 6-8 minutes designed to create extremely fast pace, tight finishing racing. Dependent on conditions, WaveCross racing could involve racing around single turning cans rather than the normal two. 

An initial seeding race in a 12-minute traditional iron to determine groupings in four quarter-finals. Places 17-20 from seeding race are eliminated and do not take place in quarter finals.

Based on results from seeding race the following quarter-final groupings for WaveCross will take place;

QF1:                  QF2:                  QF3:                  QF4:

1st                     2nd                     3rd                     4th

8th                       7th                     6th                     5th

9th                       10th                   11th                   12th

16th                   15th                   14th                   13th

Top 2 progress from quarter-finals to semi-finals. Race Order – Swim, Board, Ski. 

SF1:                   SF2:

QF1                   QF2

QF4                   QF3

Top 2 progress from semi-finals to final. Race Order – Board, Ski, Swim. 




Race Order – Ski, Swim, Board

WaveCross format will be based on traditional course however single buoys may be utilised.

In the event WaveCross format cannot be run due to weather or surf conditions SLSA will advise of alternative format.

Nutri-Grain Series Round 3

Watch live on Channel 9Go! from 12pm AEDT, and on Sky Sport NZ from 2pm NZDT.




12-2pm AEDT on Channel 9Go!
2-4pm NZDT on Sky Sport NZ


Nutri-Grain Series
Round 3



Survival is three separate, 12-minute long Iron races starting with 20 competitors, with the last six finishers in each race eliminated, until eight are left in the final race. There is a thrilling 5-minute countdown between each race.  

Race 1 – Swim, Board, Ski. Race 2 – Board, Ski, Swim. Race 3 – Ski, Swim, Board. 

COVID Safe Event Plan

Covid Safe Event Plan – Surf Life Saving Australia has been working closely with QLD & NSW Health to ensure the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series is conducted in a COVID Safe manner that does not put athletes, officials, staff or the local community at a higher risk of infection. SLSA will be increasing preventive measures for everyone on-site, such as providing face masks, hand sanitisation stations to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

SLSA would like to thank its members in advance for their ongoing cooperation and support throughout the 2021/22 Nutri-Grain Series.

For further enquires around SLSA’s COVID Safe Event Plan, please feel free to contact the SLSA Events Team at

For further COVID-19 information please visit:


North Bondi Beach, NSW

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