Wes Gould






2020/2021 SERIES




Name: Wes Gould
Competitive club: Kurrawa SLSC
Original Club: Mullaloo SLSC
Best round of 2019/20: Coolangatta Gold Round 1 - 11th
Best series finish: 11th, 2019/20 Iron Series
Aussie title(s): Nill


Wes Gould grew up in Mullaloo, Western Australia. Over the past three years has trained primarily on his own, joined only with his coach, to achieve his dream of becoming a Nutri-Grain IronMan.  Gould recently moved to the Gold Coast and joined Kurrawa SLSC for an an opportunity to further pursue Ironman racing. When he is not out in the surf, Gould is completing a full-time Masters degree in Clinical Chiropractic.

Wes, how old were you when youstarted surf lifesaving and why?

9 years old. Growing up around the beach in Mullaloo and my parents already had me into pool swimming at a young age, it became a natural progression to join the local surf club.

Who was your hero growing up in surf lifesaving?

Ky Hurst and Andrew Mosel. I still to this day go back and watch some of their races. They are still my heroes! What’s crazy to me is I can now call them both my mates and I have been coached by both of them.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

Do it for yourself, because you love it; not because someone else thinks you should.

Your advice for aspiring Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain athletes?

Don’t you dare give up. Dream big and work hard. Love what you do and be prepared for the hurdles along the way… it is so worth the sacrifice!!!

What do you think about on the start line?

I think about what it has taken to get my foot on that line… the early mornings… the long kms… the good and bad days. Then I focus on what I need to do and what I can control.

Wes, what has been a high and low in your IronMan journey?

High: Just having my foot on the line during the 2020/21 Nutri-Grain Series. It was a long term goal and I loved every second of living that out.

Low: Moving across the country was difficult at first.

Do you have any race day superstitions?

I do an X across my chest from each shoulder before every race.

Do you have a secret talent?

Burping haha