Nutri-Grain Iron X

Nutri-Grain Iron X will combine traditional elite iron racing with innovative and exciting new ocean and fitness disciplines, creating the most intimidating and spectacular elite iron race ever held.

Round 5

Three separate, twelve minute long Iron races starting with 20 competitors, with the last six finishers in each race eliminated, until eight are left in the final race. There is a thrilling three minute countdown between each race.

Round 4

Four separate four minute races, one for each discipline of swim, board, ski and run. Results will determine the starting order for the final full iron race, with racers starting 2 seconds apart, starting with 1st place.

Round 3

Three separate, 10-minute races with five minutes rest between each race. Equal points are allocated for races one and two with double points being awarded for the final race.

Round 2

A 40-minute Iron race over the M-Shaped course. Each of the four disciplines of swim, board, ski and run will be approximately 10-minutes long, with competitors in the water legs taking on the surf break a total of 12 times.

Round 1

In 2019 the iconic Coolangatta Gold will be included as a full point scoring round of the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series. This is a deserved inclusion given the monumental task of not only finishing the event but racing at full pace for over four hours and 40 km’s.


Six men and six women will earn their spot in the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series.