Corey Fletcher






2023/2024 SERIES




Name: Corey Fletcher
Competitive club: Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park SLSC
Original Club: Copacabana SLSC
Best round of 2023/23: Rounds 4 & 5, 3rd
Best series finish: 2023/24 Iron Series, 6th
Aussie title(s):  2022 - Open Board Relay 2019 - Open Board Relay 2018 - Open Male Taplin 2017 - U19 Board Relay


Originally from the Central Coast of NSW, Corey Fletcher started his Ironman journey as a nipper at Copacabana SLSC. He found his footing as a beach sprinter, becoming a Junior NSW State Champion in the Beach Sprint and Beach Flags. In 2016 Fletcher relocated to the Gold Coast and soon made his Iron Series debut in 2017/18. This season Fletcher will tick of one of his career goals, when he dons the green and gold of the Australian Lifesaving Team at the 20024 World Lifesaving Championships.

Corey, how old were you when you started surf lifesaving and why?

5 I started out doing nippers at the age of 6 because I saw all the kids down at Copa Surf Club and told my parents, “I want to do that!” and have done Surf Life Saving ever since.

Who was your hero growing up in and out of surf lifesaving?

When I first started watching the Iron Series, Ali Day was the new kid on the block and I remember him wearing the old black leader’s rashie. From then on I always looked up to him and now I get to put my foot on the line next to him!

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Nobody has necessarily told me this advice but it’s something I like to live by, I put a lot of hard work into making this series and it just goes to show if you put your mind to it you can achieve those goals.

Your advice for aspiring Shaw and Partners Iron Series athletes?

No dream is too big if you want it bad enough.

Keep training hard and watch those dreams become reality.

What do you think about on the start line?

I focus on getting a clean start and getting myself in a good position to set up the rest of the race.

Corey, what has been a high and low in your surf sports journey?

High: Making my Iron Series debut at Queenscliff Beach in 2017/18.

Low: Having a few years of missing out and being on the sidelines was tough, but I’ve worked hard and now made it the last few years.

Do you have any race day superstitions?

No superstitions, but I always get a fresh haircut before big races.

Do you have a secret talent?

No secret talent at all!