Dan Collins




Redhead SLSC


2020/2021 SERIES




Name: Daniel Collins (Dan)
Competitive club: Redhead SLSC
Original Club: Merewether SLSC
Best round of 2020/21: Round 6- 6th
Best series finish: 7th in the 2017 Nutri-Grain Series
Aussie title(s):  2016 - U19 Ironman


From following around his elder sisters nipper group to chasing a Nutri-Grain IronMan title, Dan Collins qualified for his first Nutri-Grain Series 2017. He finished 7th, and since then he has been hungry for the top prize. Collins has made the Nutri-Grain Series each year since, and was named a team captain in the 2020 Envirobank NSW Super Team Series.

Dan, how old were you when youstarted surf lifesaving and why?

5 years old. I was always following my older sister Jess’ age group around.

Who was your hero growing up in surf lifesaving?

Zane Holmes. He was at the top of his game when I was young and watching on tv.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Your advice for aspiring Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain athletes?

Train hard and enjoy every opportunity you are presented, the sport we do is amazing and in the elements.

What do you think about during a race?

I focus on doing the small things right, consistency and minimising errors, and trying to execute the perfect race.

Dan, what has been a high and low in your IronMan journey?

High: 3 Qualifying for the Nutri-Grain Series in 2017, and coming 7th.

Low: I’m happy to say there haven’t been too many lows in career!

Do you have any race day superstitions?

I wear the same pajamas to bed.

What is your favourite beach to compete at?

Wherever my next race is!