Hannah Sculley






2022/2023 SERIES




Name: Hannah Sculley
Competitive club: Northcliffe SLSC
Original Club: Lennox Head SLSC
Best round of 2022/23: Rounds 2 & 6 - 6th
Best series finish: 2021/22 Nutri-Grain Series, 4th
Aussie title(s):  2023 - Open Ski Relay, Open Board Relay 2022 - Open Female Board Rescue 2021 - Open Ski Relay 2018 - Taplin Relay, Open Board Relay, Open Ski Relay 2016 - Open Female Board Rescue


Hannah Sculley’s career in surf lifesaving started at Lennox Head SLSC, where she was followed her siblings into nippers to learn how to be safe in the surf. From a young age Sculley excelled in the sport, winning State titles starting from U9s.  She moved to the Gold Coast straight out of school to chase her IronWoman dream, only to be plagued by an injury that eventually lead to surgery. But just over a year after surgery she bounced back and in her first event qualified for the first round of the Nutri Grain Series. Having already found herself on top of the Nutri-Grain Series podium before, Sculley will be looking to push up into the top end of the field for the 2021/22 Nutri-Grain Series.

Hannah, how old were you when youstarted surf lifesaving and why?

7 years old. My parents wanted us all to learn surf skills and awareness as we lived near the beach. All my siblings were already down there doing it so I jumped in a year early as I would be down there any way.

Who was your hero growing up in and out of surf lifesaving?

Growing up Courtney Hancock was my idol. She was from Sawtell which was the next surf lifesaving branch to mine, so I loved seeing someone from a club that I raced a bit growing up in the Nutri-Grain Series. Showed that us country athletes could make it and go well. Crossed paths with her a few times over those years and she has helped me out along the way.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

You can always get better, work hard cause it’s up to you to make it happen.

Your advice for aspiring Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain athletes?

Put the work in and work on having no weaknesses. I’m pretty sure I came dead last in my first-year trialing for the Nutri-Grain Series, so don’t give up.

What do you think about during a race?

Sometimes I’m thinking about little things like where I need to be to get though a gap or catch a wave … but my best result (when I won a round of the Nutri-Grain Series) I didn’t think about anything and actually can’t remember much of the race so sometimes it’s better to not think.

Hannah, what has been a high and low in your IronWoman journey?

High: Winning a Round of the Nutri-Grain Series at Currumbin and a second at Wanda in the same year. Also winning a few gold medals over the years at Aussies with the Northcliffe Crew.

Low: Having shoulder surgery when I was 18 that put me out for a while and then last year having another injury for about 6 months. A few other smaller injuries in between but hopefully where past all of that now.

Do you have any race day superstitions?

No, I believe that the less you rely on something the less that can go wrong. I just try and be super organised so I’m not stressing about anything and can focus on the race.

Do you have a secret talent?

I can do a Rubik’s cube