Kye Taylor






2019/2020 NEXT GEN




Name: Kye Taylor
Competitive club: Swansea Belmont SLSC
Original Club: Swansea Belmont SLSC
Best round of 2020/21: Next Gen Round 3 - 1st
Best series finish: 2021/22 Nutri-Grain Series Debutant
Aussie title(s): 2017 - u/15 Board Race


Kye Taylor is a 19 year old surf lifesaver from Newcastle, NSW. He has been involved with surf lifesaving since a nipper at age 5, and since then has represented his state and claimed multiple individual state and and national titles. Last season Taylor wowed the elite IronMan world as he claimed the inaugural Nutri-Grain Next Gen IronMan competition. Eager to prove himself against the best, he has been training hard in the offseason and is ready to burst on to the scene. In his days off, Taylor likes to watch rugby league, play basketball with his mates, and go for surfs.

Kye, how old were you when youstarted surf lifesaving and why?

I was 5 years old when I first signed up at Swansea Belmont SLSC. I spent my whole childhood around the beach growing up at Blacksmiths, so the decision to sign up was an easy one.

Who was your hero growing up in and out of surf lifesaving?

Ky Hurst. I grew up watching him win 10 Australian swim titles and 4 IronMan titles. The way he so effortlessly glided through the ocean and how humble he always was.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

To respect a win you’ve got to learn how to lose.

Your advice for aspiring Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain athletes?

Hard work and determination, the results are always worth it.

What do you think about during a race?

I’m focusing on making no mistakes, and preying there’s no sprint up the beach!

Kye, what has been a high and low in your IronMan journey?

High: Just making the Nutri-Grain Series while I’m still so young.

Low: I tore my ACL and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be out for.

What is your go-to meal before a carnival?

The night before, a good chicken schnitzel.

Do you have a secret talent?

I’m a very good chess player.