Young guns Ethan Callaghan (Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park) and Kalani Ives (Northcliffe) are the first to secure their spot in the 2024-25 Nutri-Grain IronMan & IronWoman Series, after winning the Next Gen Series.

After three days of competition on the Gold Coast, the overall winners of the 2024 Next Gen Series have earnt automatic qualification in next year’s Nutri-Grain Ironman & Ironwoman Series.

Callaghan, 17 was dominant in his performances across the three days, claiming three consecutive wins ahead of Jake Morris (Northcliffe) and Taj Andrews (Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park).

Callaghan trialled for the open Nutri-Grain IronMan Series this year and missed out by just one place and was relieved to know he didn’t need to trial again with this victory securing him a place in the open Series next year.

“It’s a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to be a Nutri-Grain Ironman. It’s been really tough racing but I think I just did my recovery right and did all the other little skill things right and executed each day,” he said.

His dad Travis moved to the Gold Coast to pursue his own surf sports career, and now is supporting Ethan to chase his.

“My dad is my handler and definitely one of my idols and the person who gets me here every weekend and makes sure he doesn’t let me miss my races.

“Kingy [former ironman champion Michael King] is definitely the best coach, he believes in me, what he shares with me is so good and it gets my confidence up.

“Being at the club, there with Ben [Carberry], Cory [Fletcher] and Will [Savage], really helps me out… being able to train with the big guys everyday,” he said.

Ives, 18, finished second in the Next Gen competition last year and came back this year with a dominant performance.  Despite not winning today’s final round, her consistency across the three days secured her the overall Next Gen winner’s crown, finishing ahead of Mia Cook (Warrnambool) and Lani Waller (Redhead).

Originally from Yamba on the north coast of New South Wales, Ives moved to the Gold Coast this season to pursue her Ironwoman dream, which has now become a reality.

“Definitely a dream come true… but that was hard work, the last three days were such tough racing but I enjoyed it,” she said.

Testing conditions on the final day of racing made for an interesting final, with Ives coming off her ski on her way through the break in the last leg.

“I’m used to these sorts of conditions being from Northcliffe… I love the big surf.

“I was like ‘holy that’s a big wave’ but I knew I just had to get through it and I did.  I fell off it [the ski] but I knew I just had to get back on it as fast as I could.

“It’s amazing to train with Floody [Naomi Flood] and the girls there are amazing people,” she said.

The Next Gen winners are the first official qualifiers for the 2024/25 Nutri-Grain Iron Series.


  1. Kalani Ives – Northcliffe (57 points); 2. Mia Cook (54 points); 3. Lani Waller (53 points); 4. Charlotte Hart (49 points); 5. Ashleigh Windsham (40 points); 6. Charlize Menefy (39 points); Kimberley Doyle (39 points); India Hulbert (34 points); Nikita Nijssen-Seran (33 points); Dakota Luke (28 points).


  1. Ethan Callaghan (60 points); 2. Jake Morris – Northcliffe (53 points); 3. Taj Andrews (52 points); Riley Brennan (45 points); Darby Meyer (44 points); Daniel Callerbaut (43 points); Henry Simpson (41 points); Oliver Sharpe (35 points); Cooper Bessell (34 points); Rhys Mulholland (29 points).

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