Analise Kibble






2022/2023 SERIES




Name: Analise Kibble (Kib)
Competitive club: Newport SLSC
Original Club: Warriewood SLSC
Best round of 2022/23: Did not compete
Best series finish: 2023/24 Nutri-Grain Series debutant
Aussie title(s): 2019 - U15 Female Board Relay, U15 Female Surf Teams


Analise Kibble is an exciting young Ironwoman emerging from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Originally from Warriewood SLSC, Kibble moved to Newport SLSC in the U14s to improve her competitiveness as a surf sports athlete. She found her stride towards the end of the 2022 season, when she finished 4th in the U19s Ironwoman at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships. She also graduated high school that year, and has now commenced a Bachelor of Medical Sciences. In her spear time Kibble loves to surf, even if its the 4th time of the day at the beach, and hopes to one day inspire other young NSW Ironwomen to achieve their best.

Analise, how old were you when you started surf lifesaving and why?

I started in u9s mainly because we had just moved back to Australia following a stint in England and my parents thought it was wise considering how close we live to the beach. And for that I am very grateful!!

Who was your hero growing up in and out of surf lifesaving?

Courtney Hancock definitely! She was and still is an icon of the sport. Likewise, for outside of surf lifesaving I would have to say Stephanie Gilmore. Just the tenacity and grit of these two as athletes!

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

“Good things come to those who wait” is definitely something I try to channel. If you can limit overthinking and just enjoy the process of training with patience, I really think that is key.

Your advice for aspiring Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain athletes?

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to work harder. The hard stuff becomes all the more easier if you have people to support you.

What do you think about during a race?

Not a whole lot! Usually a song that’s stuck in my head and just thinking about whatever leg is in front of me!

Analise, what has been a high in your IronWoman journey?

Definitely the trials this year! Finishing 11th was more I could ever imagine! And well to now be in the series is beyond my wildest dreams.

Do you have any race day superstitions?

Not really a superstition but I can be very particular about the wax on craft.

Do you have a secret talent?

I can play the alto saxophone (averagely)