Young guns Mitch Morris and Ruby Meehan (Northcliffe) are the first to secure their spot in the 2023-24 Nutri-Grain IronMan & IronWoman Series, after winning the Next Gen Series.

After three days of competition on the Gold Coast, the overall winners of the Next Gen Series have earnt automatic qualification in next year’s Nutri-Grain Ironman & Ironwoman Series.

Former Sydney Northern Beaches turned Gold Coast Ironman Mitch Morris, was unstoppable across the three days, claiming three consecutive wins.

He edged out his twin brother Jake who finished in second place, and now is hoping to line up alongside his older brother Zach in the professional Series next year.

Morris was elated to be the first Ironman through to next year’s Nutri-Grain IronMan Series.

“I feels pretty special, it has always been my number one goal to make the Series and I am so happy that I did.

“It was tough racing over the three days to qualify, I just made sure that I did lots of recovery in between races, drank lots of water and tried to rest and recover.

“It is pretty exciting to know that I will likely be racing with my brother Zach in the Series next year and hopefully Jake can qualify so all three of us could be in the Series, that would be really special,” he said.

Gold Coast local Ruby Meehan used her local knowledge to her advantage, winning two of the three rounds and taking silver in the opening round.

“It’s surreal, I’m just so glad all my hard work has finally paid off. I just had to focus on the process and take it one race at a time.

“I just wanted to try my best, I knew I could get up there in each race and I did that I’m so happy.

“As soon as I started nippers I looked up to all the other girls [Nutri-Grain IronWomen] and now I train with a bunch of them and they are all so inspirational. I’m so glad I’m finally there [in the Series],” she said.

The Next Gen winners will now need to wait until later today to see who they’ll meet in next year’s Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series, as today’s final will determine who earns the next 10 places next summer.


  1. Ruby Meehan – Northcliffe (59 points); 2. Kalani Ives – Northcliffe (49 points); 3. Charlize Menefy – Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park (47 points); 4. Analise Kibble – Newport (46 points); 5. Gemma Smith-Welch – Sunshine Beach (44 points); 6. Chelsea Jentz – Southport (39 points); 7. Charlotte Cross – Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park (37 points); 8. Kimberley Doyle – Newport (35 points); 9. Yve Warren – Maroochydore (26 points); 10. Summer Rolston – Alexandra Headland (31 points)


 Mitchell Morris – Northcliffe (60 points); 2. Jake Morris – Northcliffe (55 points); 3. Joel Piper – Maroochydore (53 points); 4. Kai Harland – Northcliffe (49 points); 5. Zach King – Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park (47 points); 6. Ryan Green – Currumbin (45 points); 7. Callum Brennan – Currumbin (41 points); 8. Ky Howell – Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park (39 points); 9. Taj Crelin – Northcliffe (33 points); 10. Mitchell Stitt – Maroochydore (31 points)


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